Hold It Close

by Digits

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released September 24, 2009



Track Name: Saturation
These empty days have made me realize
There's nothing I can cling to
Read the news, police my queue
And round and round it goes
One decade pile up on another
And fashion a passion pose

Gotta take back this space yeah
I lost my soul while seeking it
Such to sever the link that goes through this mind

Cold hands across my heart
I hear their voices through the dark
Thought I could leave it all behind
But they're still with me all the time

And when I think I've reached the bottom
The floor it falls beneath me
Lock the door, connect the cord
And round and round it goes
There's just too much out there to uncover
Information overload
Track Name: Endgame
Mama told you everything around is unsafe
And papa told you all you're gonna be is a waste
Teachers taught you everything is under control
And where it got you boy you know you'll never know

Cause it's all endgame, blood all the same
Gazing out through empty windows
Pack your suitcase, no returning home

Your lovers left you, washed away by the rain
Sayin' nothing, only it was time for a change
Sitting, stranded, starin' up at the sky
Little wonder how life has passed you by

If mama told you yes you're gonna be a star
And papa told you son I know that you'll go far
And people heard the music from miles around
It'd still mean nothing, only make a different sound
Track Name: Sarah
When I saw her standing there
All in focus, I became aware
The light was blinding but I couldn't look away
I may have been talking but had nothing to say

Can't you off my mind girl
I don't wanna live without your love
Why'd you have to leave me
I'm dancing all alone, my eyes on the door

We danced for an hour
I somehow caught her name
The night was ours
The song the same

I was holding her close
But somehow she slipped away
Was it really for real?
Was it how I'm supposed to feel?
My body it burns
I was so sure she'd return
But the moment has been
I'll never see her again
Track Name: You're Going To Age
You're going to age
But you won't be alone
Track Name: Wait It Out
I got a woman, she makes me so down
Carry our burdens heavier through town
We want an answer, so we'll wait a long long time
The sun now rising, and we still drag ourselves around

I wait it out, hold it close
Wait it out and watch it go

Another woman, plaintive eyes from long ago
But I couldn't, though the feelings were so strong
I seen her by the way

She lies beside me, all thoughts escape
Awake in silence, every breath I take
Track Name: Monster
I used to be this way, I used to get upset
Run on purpose to the place that I was trying to forget
My head all in a shuffle and a feedback loop
There's a monster in the bedroom, he's a bastard he's a brute

I could lose all the weight from crying
Time, you knew how it always could be
Time, I knew how it always should be
All of the good things, all the world that you mean

I would be yours underwater
I would be yours on an altar
I would give you more, more than I could give
Track Name: Volley Into The Night
I'll have to volley into the night
I want to feel the people and the lights
But see me standing on my own, a fugitive
Standing out the discotheque
I can't bring myself to go inside
Even if I wanted to, I'd crumble

You arrive just after 1:00
And I'd love to take you by the hand
But always something sinister
Panic takes its hold on me
The paralytic four-on-the-floor
So darling I'll just watch you go
Hold me, hold me tightly
Press your body against the wall
Got a little lover, a miser
I got a feeling that girl will block out your world
And your eyes fail to see the picture before you

Volley into the night
And everything will be alright
I'm fine just walking on my own
Standing out the discotheque
I can't bring myself to go inside
Even if I wanted to, I'd crumble
Track Name: Warrant For Your Love (feat. Rebecca Applebaum)
Oh my love, you're my only pleasure
From far above, I touch our lips together
I got more, more than you could ever ask for
I'd be your sorry girl, I would be your cruel master
For your love

On and on and on and rattle on
I got my finger on the trigger got my teeth around my tongue
I got your cell phone number, got your home address
I read your favourite books, I buy your brand of cigarettes
I got a warrant for your love

In this world, there are cold and colder places
There are sad and well-worn faces, their stories never told
But you, my love, I see that our future is together
And we'll live alone forever, transcend this misery
Warrant for your love

She's never found, I'm all at the teeth
I'm going to the bold, I'm all attitude
Track Name: Nonstop
We've been coming for a long time
Signs of trouble all across the line
And we're lucky just to be standing here
The sun is shining and we find ourselves standing here

And when we let up it will be for death

Through all the guilt and the washed-out lies
A constant rhythm can't be disguised

And when we let up it will be for death